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So, for those of you that didn't read the ABOUT ME section, and just clicked on this, I will repeat only a few things. :)

I currently update all of the following sites:
www.facebook.com/MgnMllr92 <--this is my personal FB account
kismy-kattun.livejournal.com/ <--this LJ comm. goes along with the Kis-My-KAT-TUN fb page. It gets updated more than the following LJ comm.
nihongolearning.livejournal.com/ <--this LJ comm. goes along with the Japanese Without Borders group and hasn't been updated except the intro post
mgnmllr92.livejournal.com/ <--this is my personal LJ profile, however, I don't post too many personal things, it's all mostly Kis-My-KAT-TUN & kismy_kattun related things.

And I will go ahead and be completely honest when I say that I may not get on here much because of the FB & LJ stuff. :( But I will try to get on here at least once a week and tell you what's new [unless I can link this with my LJ which means it would get updated just a bit more. lol.]

If you would like to talk to me about anything, feel free to PM me, or message me on FB. My contact details can be found on any of the fb pages and in the lj comms. If you really wanted to talk to me, you wouldn't mind doing a little digging, right? ;) lol. J/k. Feel free to post comments on my posts, but please don't be rude. If you wanna be rude, either keep it to yourself or PM me your rude comment.
I would like to say that if you message me on FB, please tell me that you got my fb stuff from this post and introduce yourself a little. If you just put "hey" I'm probably not going to respond as fast as I would to someone who says "hey, my name is so-and-so and I saw this post [blah blah blah]" Please don't word it exactly like that in a message though, lol.

So, I guess now I'll tell you a little bit more about myself. You can see my INTERESTS in that section, and for those of you that are still reading (if anyone reads this lol) then congrats because you get to learn more about how I fell in love with Japanese. ^_^ lol. It started a few days before the really bad earthquake in Japan. I have a friend of mine that's been studying Japanese for 3 years, and she suggested that I watch a Jdrama (although really it's a movie: Nada Sou Sou) and I immediately loved it. So then, I started watching Zettai Kareshi (aka Absolute Boyfriend) and I fell in love with Mizushima Hiro (only to find out that he was married~ TT_TT oh well, omedetou anyway! ^_^) so I watched a few dramas that he appeared in and loved him in all of them. Then I watched Gokusen and thought (for like at least 3 episodes) that Matsumoto Jun WAS Mizushima Hiro. Yes, I know, that's pretty bad. lol. But to be honest, they do look quite a bit alike. lol. :) And I apparently am not the only one that thinks that since I saw quite a few Mizushima-Matsumoto "twins" posts. Anyway, after watching a few MatsuJun dramas, I ran across the really old drama that stars all of Arashi (The Last Promise I think is what the title meant; it was something Yakusoku or something like that. I can't remember, I'll have to look it back up). So then I was curious about what Arashi was. And thus, the introduction to Jpop & Johnny's. :) lol. The first video I ever watched of them was a clip from on of their tour DVDs of them singing Yes?No? and it had the English translation & the romanji so you could sing along with them [who else likes to karaoke?] and that was when I fell in love with Arashi. Sure, they're not the BEST singers, but living here in America, I don't hear too many people singing: it's all rapping, yelling & screaming, talking loud and slurring your words really (at least, that's my opinion of what my brother and some of my friends listen to. No offense, I do like some of the songs I hear, and I can listen to it, but my brain is so wired on Jpop that it's pretty much all I listen to now. Especially the new Album from KAT-TUN called CHAIN. OMG~! I LOVE THIS ALBUM~!!!!) Anyway, after Arashi, I found Hey! Say! JUMP, but didn't really like them at first. They were ok, I just wasn't quite ready to like them yet apparently. After Hey! Say! JUMP, I heard about, but never knew who they were or heard them sing or anything, KAT-TUN. I actually didn't like them at first, mainly because I watched the video of KAT-TUN ganging up on MatsuJun in a karaoke type thing on a tv show clip [it was on YouTube] and I just didn't like it [mostly because I liked Jun (currently in 11th) back then. I still like him, just not as much, and it's quite ironic how my ichiban is a member of the previously not-like band, KAT-TUN yeah, I know, fans are so fickle~! But what can I say, all I can hope for them is that they are happy. I don't wanna know all their private thoughts and conversations and so on. That's why it's called PRIVATE.] So then, while watching other dramas, I got into Kis-My-Ft2 & was sucked in by Fujigaya Taisuke [he's currently in 3rd place ;)] & after watching their performances, I fell in love with Senga Kento (2nd) & Kitayama Hiromitsu (4th). And of course, since they were KAT-TUN's backdancers for a while, I obviously had to watch KAT-TUN's DVDs. This is where I really got sucked in. I immediately loved Ueda Tatsuya (yep, you guessed it, my #1 man, my ichiban~! ^_^) Nakamaru Yuichi (7th) and Kamenashi Kazuya (5th). I loved Taguchi Junnosuke's free style (8th) & believe it or not, I actually didn't like Jin very much. He seemed to be more popular than the other members and during a lot of the performances, he either didn't really sing or he sang almost the whole song while the others only sang bits and pieces. Koki, I'm still sorta getting used to...to be honest, he sometimes scares me, but reading some of the blog entries that he posts you find out that he's really a cute dork and is very nice. lol. [which is the exact opposite that his image says, ne?] Recently, I also actually started liking Hey! Say! JUMP more than I used to - apparently, this is the right time for me to like them, ne? - I like them more now partially because of Yaotome Hikaru in Ikemen Desu Ne & also because of Yamada Ryosuke in Risou no Musuko [I love these two the most out of the 10 members. They are also ranked 9th & 10th in my top 12 favorite Jpop guys] I also watched their SUMMARY 2010 DVD and it was so adorable. >_< Another plus for them. :) And because of Akuma na Koi & Koishite Akuma, I got to know Nakayama Yuma & B.I.Shadow so when I heard about NYC & saw him, I was like "oh hey~ it's the vampire kid~!" lol.
So, just a quick cap of all that, by band (and it's almost the same with the boys apparently)
1. KAT-TUN 1. Ueda Tatsuya
2. Kis-My-Ft2 2. Senga Kento
3. Arashi 3. Fujigaya Taisuke
4. NYC 4. Kitayama Hiromitsu
5. Hey! Say! JUMP 5. Kamenashi Kazuya
6. Sakurai Sho [surprised you with this one, ne?]
7. Nakamaru Yuichi
8. Taguchi Junnosuke
9. Yamada Ryosuke
10. Yaotome Hikaru
11. Matsumoto Jun
12. Ohno Satoshi [yep~ his constantly sad puppy-dog face is really cute & he's still hot even though he's 30~]

Ok, so I guess I've rambled on for quite a long time about this, so I will take my leave now. ^_^

Feel free to check out the kismy_kattun LJ comm for downloads and such if you're interested. :)


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