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 It's been a while since I updated this thing, ne?

Well, I recently had to create a second facebook account because the one I have [because I still use it] has so much stuff in the notifications & newsfeed section from pages and people that I've never actually met in person that I couldn't ever find my family and bffs to read their updates. So my second account is strictly for people that I actually know, or if I talked to you enough on my other one, like with my friend Raewyn Flewelling, even though I've never met her in person, I talked to her a lot and got to know her better, so I added her to my other one too. :) so now that I have 2, I have a "public one" and a "personal one"  XD

Let's see what else have I been doing....oh, I've been uploading pictures and videos to the Kis-My-KAT-TUN fb group. :) which now has 4 members :D yay~!

Right now I am currently talking to a friend on skype, typing this, and uploading Live Shop Photos to my public FB. these include:
  -Akanishi Jin [2012 ones]

  -Arashi [I only have some really old ones of Aiba, Nino, & MatsuJun]

   -Hey! Say! JUMP [Chinen, Yamada, & Yamachii along with 3 group; also one of Ryu; and Summary 2011 Dome Cards]

   -KAT-TUN [will most likely have their own album because there are so many of them....I know for a fact that I have over 100 of Ueda's alone.]

  -Kis-My-Ft2  [group, then goes in order via Initial; includes 2011 Debut Live Shop Photos, some older shop photos, & Imperial Theater ones]

and one of Yamapi ^_^ [from 2012]

I've also been looking around and I realized that I should do some photography around here some day and just randomly post pics and see what happens.... people will probably be mad about the pic spam though, ne? 

I came across the most adorable pic ever of Ueda Tatsuya, so I saved it and put the credits in the name of the pic, and now I can't find it on my computer~ DX 

Umm.... Oh, I've been reading the 2012 CHAIN concert fan reports, and I can't help but laugh and love these guys even more because of all the random things they do to each other. Right now, my favorite "scene" is this one:

 Yuichi: please marry me
 Ueda: even if it's only for one hour
 Koki: that's short
 Yuichi: yes, even if it's only for an hour
 Koki: you, stop it                                                         XD I can't help but laugh at this~ 

maa~ I'm going to bed now because i am dead tired. lol. oyasumi minna-san~!  :)


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